There are already lots of Seven like cars on the market these days… Several solutions, many options and even more possibilities, but only a few stand out in terms of originality or product quality. So, why should we create another one? Because it will be so different, so special, that it will be in a class of its own.

While the project is being developed, we will only disclose a few details, but since we want you to be part of it since the beginning, we will present some of the main lines we will follow on it.

Some features will be a first in this kind of cars and will be kept secret for now.

In terms of design, maybe in opposition to the previous words, we will keep it with a classic shape, with small modern hints where changes are required to improve quality and safety. The overall shape needs to be recognized.

But in terms of engineering, there are a few solutions that will make this project unique. The chassis will use a mix of tubular and sheet metal monocoque construction. At front, a collapsible “box” will increase safety in case of frontal impact. On the sides, reinforcements will be integrated on the chassis walls, to prevent or reduce intrusions on the seating and feet area. Also, a full weather gear will be present, in the form of a fully closed hardtop.

There are three versions in the pipeline: a 100BHP three cylinder turbo engine powered model, mainly targeted for road use; a fully electric model with special “sporty” performance characteristics and, a full sportscar spec, bike engined “toy”.

Every detail is being designed to be used and abused. News very soon.

Isetta PE/H – Pedal/Electric Hybrid

In a world with so many “green” mobility concepts, we also would like to give our “two cents” to this marvellous new world.

This project is a simplistic two seater vehicle, with some very interesting details. The first thing you notice is, of course, the modern and smart design. To be able to be used every day, all year round, the bodywork is fully closed. You will be able to enjoy it in the rain or snow too! But the large side doors can be taken out to ride on it in those sun shinny days as well…

The plan is to provide a complete and comprehensive kit to anyone who wants to build it by themselves. The assembly process will only require simple garage tools, no need for any welding at any stage of the build. Chassis, bodywork, suspension, drivetrain, etc, all will be a simple “bolt and play” assembly procedure. Though not a real novelty in terms of concept, we try to give a step forward regarding other aspects of the project. If you build this car along with a youngster, you will be using this vehicle for more than a means of transportation. You will be also building a connection with the future and with each other. Both will be able to enjoy the car from the very start, on the build itself, but also driving it or just being transported, but always being part of the tour…

Going back to the engineering part of the project, several important features will be present, such as disk brakes, tilting steering and suspension on four wheels. Seating arrangement is in tandem, to save on space and to increase the feel of difference and uniqueness.

Keep an eye on this. You will be amazed when ready.