RCC-Sequential Shifter

Price to be released soon – Contact us for details

Our sequential shifters are a work in progress for a long time now. Several units were already tested and redesigned, due to the need for a high-quality product. Real work on the shifter started earlier in 2012, with initial ideas and sketches and developing work still continues. To be honest we already should have them on the market by now, but we will only start selling them when even the smallest issue is sorted and solved. System looks simple and easy to produce, but there are many details to look at, avoiding engagement issues, making this product as reliable and repeatable as possible. This Sequential Shifter will allow those “H” pattern gearboxes to be used as if they were sequential versions. Though still using the clutch, you will just have to pull or push the gear lever to change gears as in a race car gearbox.



The first model to be released is the “Type 9 gearbox” version. This is the one that is at the most advanced development stage at the moment. It is a truly “plug and play” system. You only need to disconnect the original gearlever, bolt on the sequential command assembly and it’s ready. Other variants of the same principle will follow:


-Ford T5;

-Toyota T50;

-Mazda MX5;

-BMW E30-E36



Later on, there will be a cable operated model, developed to fit mainly VW group cars (VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda) and will be available a kit to suit Peugeot gearboxes too.

This system can be a direct fit in the original gearlever assembling attaching points, but also allows some kind of freedom to assemble the package in other places, as long as the push-pull cables length allow it.

Just bolt, connect the cables and it’s ready to run.


We will release these last versions depending on public interest.


If you are interested to be one of the first to test the pre-production units, they will be sold at a lower price, as long as continuous feedback and correct usage is done. We want to know how they will cope with race or track day usage in as many different cars as possible. We still do not have a time table for them to be ready so, if you are interested, please let us know. A limited number of units will be available for this.

If you are interested, please, send us some specifications of your car, by filling the following table.

Soon, we will let you know if you are one on the selected few. Thank you.