RCC-Racing Simulator Rig

799.98  inc.VAT

Here we have, an original Driving Simulator concept.
Many fine tuning and adjustments allowed. This rig, can be used with all comfort and ergonomics by children and adults, up to 2mt in height.

Extremely rugged and stiff construction, all components are lacquered and intensive use proof.
The bucket seat is our MK2 side mounted unit, the same as that used by competition vehicles, finished with a virtually scratch-proof material, supplied with a set of cushion pads in “Alcantara” to improve comfort.
Original design, innovative and functional. You will not find better in this range of products.
Made to order, fully customized.

Usual delivery time: from 2 to 3 weeks.

NOTE: Steering wheel and pedals not included in this sale.