RCC-Paddle Shifter

Prices to be released soon – Contact us for details

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be, to have a fully mechanical paddle-shifter system, without the problems associated with cable or rod operated units?

Imagine, a system without any response lag, that can be actuated  with just your fingers. Imagine that, in a complete package, including steering column and quick release hub in a single assembly unit.

This is possible! We are about to produce it.

First units are being tested and ready for delivery in a few weeks’ time.

Our Pedal Shifters are amongst the best of the market, due to its design and precision manufacturing. Innovative and creative solutions are always part of our products, being this the ultimate concept of a paddle shifter…

Given its design particularity and operation process, this system can be fitted in any bike engine without any modifications.

This system is perfect to use also on rear mounted engines, avoiding the long length “push-pull” cables, that normally causes huge friction and gear shifting fails. Though mechanically operated, the system has a “remote” control device, driven by hydraulics, using the same technology and principals of the braking systems. There are no cables or any similar parts to add friction to the system.

The whole set is complete with a steering column, including an already integrated quick release steering wheel hub. This system is being patented, so you will have to wait a while for final product images.