RCC-MK3 Bucket Seat

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The RCC-MK3 Bucket Seat is a variable option from the MK1 seat. Also available in three main finishing options: Painted, coated with line-X and partially covered with fabric cloth.

Made out of fiberglass, finished in standard black paint (other colours available on request at an extra cost), this seat has a low side design, perfect for standard cars. This design allows an easy get in and out from the cars. Also, with the lack of side hip holes, it is possible to use standard three-point seat belts without any issues.

This seat doesn’t need any edge trim to pass IVA test. All edges and holes are rounded sufficiently to make it IVA compliant.

This strengthened design is achieved by an accurate manufacture and assembly process. The bonding process is made during the manufacture of the parts, while still in the moulds, thus doesn’t requiring any extra material or glue to complete the assembly of the two main parts.

This innovative technology provides a finished real single part seat, without any seams to crack or to have structure failure.

The rear part of the seat is not just a simple reinforcement, but also an integral part of the exterior finishing, leaving this seat with a smooth surface and finished throughout. This way, this seat can be used in any type of vehicle, since regardless of the angle you look at, you will see the finished surfaces and design that looks well and works even better.

As it is made out of GRP, it is possible to keep it always up to date because it is very easy and cheap to clean, repair, repaint, etc.

This seat can be fixed underneath. It is delivered with those pre-installed fixing points, made with steel material with M8 threaded holes, (not a simple captive nut) suitable for direct fit, or for universal slide runners.

The high-end version, along with all the above features, is coated with Line-X, producing an outstanding product that stands out from the rest, even from the top of the line products in terms of price and quality.

You will not find other seats like this unique and amazing product.

This Line-X finishing solution, proves itself to be very sturdy and almost scratch proof. Also, helps in terms of safety, since the fiberglass material is completely concealed in its hard cocoon.

The Line-X material is tough and completely protects the seats from the harshest elements, along with petrol, oils, etc… Search for Line-X on youtube… you will see why.

Also, there’s a modern and very convenient finishing option, using a fabric cloth, to partially cover the seat. This gives an extra smooth finishing and an increased wear resistance. This is perfect for hard usage.

The MK3 seats can be supplied with several options. From “alcantara” padding set, to diverse fixing solutions. Have a look through our online store to check options.


Standard black paint, Partially covered, Line-X, Standard black paint with padding, Partially covered with padding, Line-X with padding

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