RCC-Hydraulic Gear Lever

Price to be released soon – Contact us for details

Once more, we are innovating.  While the humble gear lever in bike engine cars, is a simple device, it takes center stage when you are driving. Quick gear changes and good feel, are paramount and desired features on these. But, even though simple, it takes some ingenuity and skills, to connect the said gear lever to the bike engine/gearbox. And, if your engine is at the back, even worst! You will need long “push-pull” cables, or intricate mechanical linkages, with cranks, bearings, rod ends, etc, etc… All of these contributing for loosing the feel and precision, adding lots of friction to the system.

So, we came up with a clever idea: We start by ditching the linkages and all the hassles associated with them, connecting the gear lever to the gearbox by means of a hydraulic hose. This idea requires a new approach to the long-time existing solutions, of course. The new setup uses a redesigned gear lever arrangement, with an integrated Hydraulic master cylinder and, at the far end of the system, there’s a hydraulic “slave” cylinder, pretty much like the common hydraulic clutch systems on todays’ cars. This solution allows a new freedom: With ease, you can now place the gear lever wherever you want, since there’s no more worries about where the cables or the linkages will have to pass…