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This special trailer was designed to fill an existing gap on transporting small light weight sports cars or kit cars. Why the need to have a huge and expensive traditional car trailer to just tow a small under 500Kg car? This nimble and light weight solution will carry cars up to 500Kg with ease and style. Keeping the 750Kg gross weight limit, within the European standards, you will be able to drive it without any special driving licence.

A very useful feature is integrated in the design to allow effortless car loading and unloading. The deck is flat and leans down to the ground, making the complete deck a full length “ramp”. With the turn of a simple manual lever, the deck raises again and, when locked properly is set to go. No need to carry heavy and clunky ramps, or expensive hydraulic tilting components in a small and simple trailer. All is integrated in a simple and very light weight solution. But the originality doesn’t stop here! If you want to park or store your trailer, one of the biggest hassles is the space is required to do so. It uses more space than the cars it carries! A big issue, when you have a simple garage or a small driveway space. Also, keeping your trailer on the elements, shortens its life and creates unwanted mechanical hazards. So with this in mind, this trailer folds in half! You just fold the rear half of the deck over the front and, with this procedure, it will become half the length! But, it may also be placed against a wall in an upright position, saving even more space. In this position, you will only need about 700mm of free space to store the complete trailer! A useful and smart solution for a big problem. Prototypes are being developed at the moment. Soon will have more news on this.

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