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This trailer, following the lines of our other projects, has many original features, some of them never seen on this range of products. In line with the other trailer we sell, this model features the same folding principle, in order to save space when not in use. This large deck trailer folds in three main parts, allowing it to be stored in limited spaces. You can store it the corner of a warehouse or at the workshop… This process is achieved by a smart solution, using two simple hydraulic cylinders, powered by a manual pump or, as an extra, an electric unit.

To improve versatility when loading or unloading a vehicle, the rear of the trailer leans to the ground, making the whole rear part of the carrying deck, a full length ramp. No need for extra ramps…

Design is a detail we never forget so, this trailer takes advantage of all the know-how and capabilities of our team, making it a unique and appealing product, not only in operation and its technical characteristics, but also in its general appearance. This 2000Kg gross weight car transport trailer is in a class of its own.

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