RCC Seats

Shipping costs for one or two seats:

UK – 45,00€    *   France – 45,00€    *   Spain – 40,00€    *   Germany – 40,00€    *    Italy – 55,00€     *    Ireland – 45,00€    *    Greece – 80,00€   *   Sweden – 55,00€     *    Finland – 75,00€


RCC-Pedal Box assemblies

Our Pedal box designs and engineering are to a level, in which competition units are often priced at double the price of our models. At this point, our units offer value for money and solutions not currently available elsewhere. We can also provide oil reservoirs, tubing and all other accessories on request.

RCC Shifters

RCC On-Car Tire Rack

LusoMotors Car Trailers

Following the lines of previous high-quality products in this field and, taking advantage of the know how acquired for the past years, we decided to make the ultimate Car Carrier Trailers.

There are two models: A single axle 750Kg Gross Weight trailer and a double axis 2000Kg Gross Weight version, using the same original and innovative solutions.

RCC Sim Racing

Used Stuff

Here, you can find used parts or other things for sale. Take advantage of unique opportunities…

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