About This Project

When we started to develop the LM GT project, we intended to make it a lot different from what was available in the current kit car market.

The actual concept takes the main shell of a Smart Roadster as its basis, but it’s not a straightforward body conversion. The Smart front and rear end are discarded and replaced with our own seamless tubular steel sub-frames. The engine is now placed at front in a longitudinal orientation, connected to an in-line gearbox and RWD. For our current demonstrator, we are using a 240 BHP/6 speed Honda S2000 drive train.

Using this donor will allow us to have two main versions: A Shootingbrake and a convertible. Also, will allow us to retain several details, such as the full-size folding roof mechanism, as an example. Super lightweight and powerful, this car is an example of great performance, combined with controlled costs and good design.

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