About This Project

Owned for a couple years by LusoMotors, the Famel name is famous in Portugal since the 70’s.

Famel produced many motorcycles for the masses and, from all of those hundred models and variations produced, a couple stand up, especially the XF17 version.

This model marked a generation of young and less young people, who used it not only to travel in a daily basis to work, but also to do weekend rides and for fun. It was in fact a very flexible model in its use. Although it disappeared with the authentic Japanese invasion with its clearly more modern and superior models in the 80’s, these last years, it has become a model of cult and much sought after. Totally restored, they are now used by young people, children and grandchildren of the initial users, for fun rides and gatherings.

And then, the idea of ​​reviving this iconic model was born.

Obviously with the need to meet current legal requirements and limitations, the use of certain key components had to be reconsidered, especially with regard to their powertrain, since the original 50cc two-stroke engine no longer meets the standards emissions of current polluting gas emissions.

In this sense, we opted for a current solution, a 125cc four-stroke engine.

However, the rest of the concept remained, with the chassis frame and simplicity in the drawing being its greatest connection to the past.

This project was developed until the rolling prototype phase and later sold to a client with interest in continuing the project. Hopefully in the near future we will have great news.

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