About Us


Ernesto Freitas

Designer and CEO

Paulo Freitas

Art Director

Maria Freitas

Creative Consultant

Fernanda Silva

Accounts Manager

João Pereira

Pilot/Technical Consultant

LusoMotors is located in Guimarães, northern Portugal, a place well known by its history, its people and the capabilities of their handcraft work and knowledge. 
Top on the quality in artistic and manual work in a strong industry established many centuries ago, have as a result, the best products derived from leather, iron, pottery and carpentry.

It is only natural that our products benefit from all this knowledge and experience acquired over time, now applied to sports cars.

LusoMotors’ company was created to fill a gap regarding product design, prototyping of unique cars and accessories fabrication, within reasonable costs and top-quality results.

As you can check on this website, we can provide several services and solutions for many problems and requests.

From any concept idea, to design, prototype manufacture, chassis development, scale models to fully working models, we can help you.

Just let us know how!


From 2018 on, under the influence of LusoMotors decisions, there are four new brands, aiming each other to specific type of projects and products.

Atelier Isetta, RCC-Race Car Components, Talbot Automobiles and EFS Moto, are now part of the LusoMotors world, being that an important investment into the future of the company.

Plans are being made to present and to produce original and important projects within the spirit of each brand, aiming to the development and growth of the company’s capabilities, taking advantage of the already acquired know how, following new processes and new goals.

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Feel free to contact us to know what we can offer you, not only about design and engineering but also product development and manufacture.